Reminders: Never Forget Again!

Reminders and Cats

When was the last time you forgot something you wanted to pick up or do while you were out?  Recently I forgot to buy stamps when I was at the post office, but didn’t realize until I got home and was so frustrated! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Reminders to the rescue!  The Reminders app is built right into your iPhone.  I’m going to show you how to set up a location reminder to one of my favorite places to go, this is their link,  Gem City Catfe   Sitting at this beautiful catfe, writing, drinking coffee, AND playing with cats is the best combination!   Let’s make this ”Smart Phone” 📱 work for you by helping make your life easier!

*Note:  you must set up a Notification alert for the app to notify  you with an alarm sound and pop up on your phone.  Don’t skip this step!

Don’t Skip this Important Step

Review the bullet points below for setting up the notification alert.  Then you’re ready to set up your location reminder (locations services will pop up if they need to be turned on).

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on Notifications, scroll down to find Reminders, use set up like photo below.
  • Allow notifications on your phone.
  • Click on Sounds to pick an alert sound.
  • Toggle on the Badge App icon, this allows a number to show on the Reminders app on your main/home screen.  It’s the number of reminders that are due.
  • Under Alerts, chose Show on Lock Screen so you see there is a reminder due.
  • Under Options, Show Previews, I leave as Never (Default).  It just shows “Reminders New Reminder”.  I use this for most of my notifications.  If you want to see what the text says on the reminder, open Show Previews and select Aways or When Unlocked.

How to Set a Reminder for a Location

Where has this been all my life?  At least the last 10 years! So many extra trips and things I just forgot to do.  Let’s just go through the steps and see how easy it is to never forget again!  Just follow the steps below and I promise, it’s painless and  you’ll be done in no time.

Open the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.1BD7373D-DA9E-476A-937C-FA0A78B74B4B

Reminders app opens to a Search bar and plus sign + in top right corner.Tap the + sign to add a new one, then click on Reminder.B9A1B86C-D17B-4553-B11A-A930C497C967

Type in what you want to remember.  Tap the toggle button on the line “Remind me at a location”.  This turns it on and should be green.  Click on “Location” under Remind me at a location, enter the name or address of your destination.

Once you tap location, you may see Getting in/out of the car, your home address, and current location automatically listed.  Type your destination in the search bar.  When you see the right address, tap that line and a map will pop up.  Click on “When I Arrive” or “When I Leave”.  I always use “When I Arrive” then I get the reminder as soon as I get to the location.  Tap on Details in top left corner and this takes you back to the Creat Reminder screen.6AC49DA2-16F9-4E98-B035-0551D8C72A7C

Last step is to tap Done in the top right corner.

What Will it Look Like on My Phone?

When your phone is on the lock screen, you will get the reminder pop up below in the first photo.  56B3211E-4DED-430E-9511-DFF7DCA904BF


Then when you open the reminder, you’ll see Arriving:  Gem City Catfe like photo below.  This reminder popped up on my phone as soon as I pulled into the parking lot.



What Kind of Reminders Should You Start Using?

Location is not the only option.  You can even choose to set up your Reminder for a specific date and time.  Isn’t this just awesome?

The ways to use Reminders is endless!  You get home from buying groceries and realize you forgot soap for the THIRD time! Open the Reminder app and add “BUY SOAP” at the grocery store.  Set the Reminder to send the alert when you arrive at that store again.  You might think, why not add to a grocery list?  Well, if you’re like me, by the time you get in the house and put the groceries away,  you’ve already forgotten about the soap!

Try this, stop at the post office for stamps on Thursday at 5pm.  Buy a gift for someone special and set the reminder to buy AND mail the gift a week or two in advance.  Need to   start a load of laundry so you’ll have clean towels for the next day? Set up a Reminder for When I Arrive at home and the Reminder app sends you an alert.  Yes, I’ve forgotten that I don’t have any clean towels and need them for the morning.🤣

Thankfully, the app is easy to use and very flexible. If you can forget it, you can create a reminder for it!  Have a special reminder you need help setting up?  Just send me a comment and we’ll figure it out together.

What’s Next?

Settings and how to use them on your iPhone or iPad.  I’ll give you an easy way to search and find what you need in seconds in almost every page on your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Feel free to share my tips on your FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email by clicking on the icons below.



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  1. This is very helpful, Debbie. I like your step by step instructions. I’m one of those people who relies on my kids. Nothing feels intuitive to me, and I often need instructions to understand the instructions! Thanks for making it easy. 🙂

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